In 2012 an idea formed...

Welcome to the world of 35801 Magazine…

In 2012, an idea formed from the love and commitment to the growing community of Huntsville and Madison.   This idea became The 35 Group.

Our vision is to maintain a strong awareness of community through our local family-focused, lifestyle publication called 35801 Magazine launched December 2015.

Our magazine is unique in that they are mailed and distributed FREE and focus on the people and businesses that make Huntsville such a great place to live, work and play.




The 35801Magazine.com introduces some very fascinating people from our local neighborhoods. Community businesses and members grace our pages. We feature articles that you submit! Follow us on Facebook and display 35801Magazine.com in your store or office. Meet with us personally to create innovative marketing and advertising strategies. We are an authentic, grassroots community publication.

Our Goal

Our design team here at 35801Magazine.com knows the product inside and out and can bring your ideas to life through beautiful and effective design solutions. We will work with you to create a marketing and advertising campaign that will engage and inform your customers.

The Key is Efficiency

Only 35801 Magazine delivers traffic from the communities within. If your customers live in Huntsville, why waste time advertising throughout North Alabama?

The Magazine

Huntsville is home to thousands of families, craft breweries, art galleries, and many hip businesses. 35801Magazine.com brings local news and stories from all over Huntsville right to the doorstep of thousands of eager readers.

Target Rich Platform

Thousands of residents in Huntsville will grow to enjoy our unique content, available only through our exclusive zip code magazines and our websites. With our media options, we deliver timely magazine content, local news, and stories from your own backyard.


Products & Services

We’re Proud to be in Huntsville

The 35801Magazine.com provides relevant local news to those who live and work in 35801. Our Premier issue, 35801Magazine.com.com launched December 2015 and will continue to expand to other communities within Huntsville.


We handle the dirty work and enjoy it

We print over 13,500 copies and mail over 12,225 households in 35801 bi-monthly, six times a year with an average income of $92,000 and a home value of $271,000. We are building a strong online presence and will provide consistent interaction with our followers on all platforms.


What makes our magazine work for your business…


The 35801Magazine.com has a two-fold mission: (1) To improve the quality of life of our readers by delivering timely, relevant information in a manner that reflects the image and culture of the community, and (2) to serve area businesses by providing effective tools for promoting their products and services to customers ready and able to buy them. Our distribution provides a cost-effective opportunity to deliver multiple impressions while demonstrating a commitment to the community.


Work in Progress…

Intelligent and Engaging Local Content

No community can be great without great people, and Huntsville is no exception. We will be featuring biographies in our magazines and on our Facebook page of some of the great people who contribute to our community in a positive way. Nominate someone you know in your neighborhood.


Our Targeted Platform

Our readers are educated and affluent and they are interested in your products and services. 35801Magazine.com reaches that influential audience, telling them who you are, where to find you, and why their friends are talking about you.

Highest Quality at the Lowest Cost

The 35801 Magazine sets the trends others follow, from our social media campaigns to our 1 and 2-page layouts and editorials. 35801Magazine.com covers the local scene with photos of interviews with the people who help make Huntsville one of the most vibrant cities in America!


  • Available for 3-6X agreement
  • Preferred placement of ad and story
  • Placement on facebook
  • Increased story length
  • Waived ad production charge (savings depends on ad size)
  • Your ad/event/family/team/organization will appear in 13.5K magazines, reaching over 46,000 readers
  • Over 12K magazines are direct mailed in 35801 (alone)
  • Magazines will also be available at Convention and Visitors Bureau, Constitution Village Coffee Shop, Taziki’s on Whitesburg and Liquor Express.

  • Writers OR Graphic assist in the developing a total of six (6) ads
  • Posting of an Ad on 35758Magazine.com website
  • Inclusion of a photograph or logo
  • Available for 7X agreement

Getting Started

Who are we?

35801Magazine.com attracts readers who value their time and their money. Our readers don’t skip pages because they love our well-informed content and engaging storytelling. They expect quality from cover to cover, even on the advertisements they see from our business partners. (Run-on sentence)

When you partner with 35801Magazine.com, your business receives the benefits of our brand, which will be established by sustained excellence, relevant content and community focus.


What is it that we do?

35801Magazine.com provides readers with a unique perspective on what the city has to offer.  From the newest hot spots for dining, shopping and music to the cool people that make our area thrive, 35801Magazine.com delivers timely and relevant news.  We will provide “insider” tips and an all access pass about the latest and greatest in 35801. We get your ad out to the public; every home in the area will receive a copy, free of charge.


Why do we do what we do?

Because, like you, we are a locally owned and operated business that hopes to help others grow right along with us.  We know staying in front of your most influential customers and making a great impression is extremely important.  35801Magazine.com offers solutions that allow you to do both, by giving the unique gift of a magazine that is customized with your business branding and contact information. The high-quality content and beautiful design of the magazine ensures that each issue is not only read, but it is shared and read again and again.


How can I be a part of the Magazine?

That’s the easy part email us at info@the35group.com and scroll to the “contact us” page.


What kind of results can I expect?

It’s safe to say, that getting your business model out in front of thousands of local consumers will provide measurable results. Remember, 35801Magazine.com is the premier direct mail advertising source, guaranteed to put your business in front of everyone in your area, as well as the online community, making 35801 the smart choice in today’s advertising market.


How do I get a magazine?

If you live in or around the ZIP Code of 35801, a copy of your local magazine will arrive in the mail every other month. If you’re not and want a copy you can pick on up at the following convenient locations:

  • Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Constitution Village Coffee Shop
  • Bruegger’s South Huntsville
  • Taziki’s on Whitesburg
  • Liquor Express.

How do I get my family / son / daughter / event / team / organization to be in the magazine?

Introducing The 35801Magazine.com Community Connections!

Please take a moment to send us some of the following information. We want to learn more about you or the person you are nominating for this recognition. Please take a moment to fill out the following information. Not all of the questions are required, but we greatly appreciate any information you can provide.

  • Nominee’s Full Name
  • Nominee’s Email
  • Nominee’s Phone Number
  • What does the nominee’s educational background entail?
  • What awards or certifications has the nominee been honored with, what is he or she most proud of?
  • What do you want our readers to know about the nominee and their role in the community?
  • Send us a photo of the nominee!

My business or organization is putting on an event, how do I get in the calendar?

What we can’t fit into the printed magazine we will add to our online calendar, but we LOVE getting submissions!

Are there deadlines to get my event/story in the magazine?

Yes! We have very strict deadlines to make sure each magazine makes it into mailboxes on time! All editorial submissions must be in by the first of the month PRIOR  to the issue’s release (for example, a February/March issue’s hard editorial deadline is January first). See our 2016 print deadline schedule

Can I write for the magazine?

We have a talented team of writers for our magazines and are always looking for additional writers. As we increase magazines, new positions will be opening, so you can always drop us your resume, and we will contact you when a new position becomes available.

Huntsville’s Original Zip Code & Oldest Community including…

  • Old Town
  • Twickenham
  • Blossomwood
  • Thornton Acres
  • Mayfair
  • Piedmont
  • Covemont
  • Monte Sano
  • Wakefield
  • Hampton
  • Brownsboro
  • The Ledges
  • Five Points and MANY MORE…
  • 12,225 homes & businesses mailed
  • 1275 racked copies
  • Over 46,000 residents reached


Thank you for advertising with The 35801Magazine.com. If you will be supplying your own print-ready ad or graphic elements to assist us in building your ad, please observe the following requirements to avoid production delays and ensure the highest quality output.

All specs in inches, width x height

Magazine Trim Size: 8.25 x 10.75

*INCLUDES  1/8” BLEED ON ALL SIDES.  Text should not be closer than 1/2” from the trim edges.

For DAL – Right half side of the back of card must be left blank for postal information.

Make sure when exporting your file to a print ready PDF that you include the 1/8” bleeds in your file but do not add crop marks.

Ad Sizes:

1/8 Page: 3.563 x 2.273
1/4 Page: 3.563 x 4.813
1/2 Page Horizontal: 7.375 x 4.813
1/2 Page Vertical: 3.563 x 9.875
Full Page with full bleed (4 sides): 8.5 x 11*
Two-page spread with full bleed (4 sides): 16.75 x 11*
DAL with full bleed (4 sides): 9.25 x 5.25*

Graphics requirements for submitted layouts:

We accept print-ready PDF, JPG and EPS.
Do not include crop marks or registration marks.
We will not accept ads or graphics in Microsoft Publisher, Power Point, Excel, MS Word, or e-mail. No low-res images from websites will be accepted.
Ads must be designed PRECISELY to our size specifications listed above.
All ads/graphics must be 300 dpi, CMYK color or grayscale. No RGB will be accepted.
Color printouts of ads will be accepted ONLY as a color reference…NOT as the final ad. If the color print is only material supplied, we will have to rebuild the ad as best we can and charge accordingly at current graphics/layout rates.
All ads must be approved for quality and content by the editor.

Submitted artwork for ad creation:

To guarantee the best quality printing of your ad please submit high-resolution logos and/or photos at 300 dpi. Typically anything that is used for the web is low resolution and will not print well.
Please note that not all monitors display colors the same so we can not guarantee that the colors you see on your computer monitor will match the final printed piece. It is up to the client to review their proof carefully to check for any typos or any other changes.
Non-print ready artwork subject to a graphic design fee.

35801 Magazine Print & Deadline Schedule

Published every even numbered month: February/April/June/August/October/December

  • Dec./Jan. Issue editorial deadline is Nov. 1, artwork deadline is Nov. 7
  • Feb./March Issue editorial deadline is Jan. 1, artwork deadline is Jan. 7
  • April/May Issue editorial deadline is March 1, artwork deadline is March. 7
  • June/July Issue editorial deadline is May 1, artwork deadline is May 7
  • Aug./Sept. Issue editorial deadline is July 1, artwork deadline is July 7
  • Oct./Nov. Issue editorial deadline is Sept. 1, artwork deadline is Sept. 7

Note: All of The 35801Magazine.com magazines are bi-monthly (they come out every other month).
If the deadline date falls on weekend or holiday, please provide prior workday




Call today! 256-694-9828
Email: info@the35group.com

Where do I sign?

You probably have a lot of questions. A lot of them can be answered on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

If you are interested in advertising, or just want to find out more information, please contact us. We LOVE to hear from you!

Interested in participating in 35801Magazine.com?

Your business is your life, just like ours. We know the importance of minimizing cost and maximizing return on investment (ROI). We tailor our pricing model with the small business owner in mind. Just because you are a small business doesn’t mean you can’t look like a million bucks. Here are some common questions we receive from owners and managers who are thinking about marketing their business and taking it to the next level.

  • How much does it cost? Why can’t I find pricing?
  • I’m busy, what type of time investment will participating require?
  • I want to be in control of my business image. Can I do it myself?
  • I have a small business; no designers or marketing professionals. Can I afford to advertise?
  • I feel print is dead. What else do you have for my business?
  • Are there deadlines? Can I wait for the next issue?

Still scratching your head?

We know every business is unique. That is why we put such emphasis on spending time getting to know what exactly your business can benefit from. Feel free to ask us any specific (or generic) questions. We can even come to your business to go over all of our affordable options.